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Data integration made easy

A simple, effective data synchronisation tool for your school to quickly and easily integrate information from your MIS directly to the systems you use (Google, Microsoft or Apple). This innovative solution saves time, guarantees accuracy, and protects your data.

Edusync products


Automatically sync with Google Workspace.

Save time and resources while ensuring all your confidential and sensitive school data is secure and kept up-to-date.

Google Classroom settings

Update Microsoft Azure Active Directory in minutes.

Be confident your data is up-to-date, secure and relevant with Edusync Microsoft.

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Apple School Manager automatic generation.

Ensure school data is accurate and regularly updated by automatically generating and uploading CSVs via SFTP from a school’s MIS/SIS to their Apple School Manager.

User directory

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Customer stories

Data is synced and updated which has greatly improved accuracy, efficiency and saves time which in turn reduces cost

With any data input into multiple platforms, there is the risk of human error, by using Edusync this removes this risk.

Edusync removes an admin headache that can be very time consuming and at times out of the technical abilities of many smaller primary schools

Edusync has simplified change management significantly and enabled schools to get started with Google immediately at the start of the new academic year

Schools and teachers are always looking for ways to save time and streamline processes. Edusync helps achieve that

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