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As a partner, providing Edusync can be useful in building a portfolio, supporting schools in their data protection and integration. Edusync resolves the ongoing challenge for schools updating and maintaining modern, cloud-based technology. Once the data has been taken from a school’s MIS, the Edusync process varies slightly according to the workspace used.

Partnership benefits

Training sessions and webinars
Security and reliability credentials
New opportunities and collaborations
Additional revenue through partner pricing

Edusync products

Google Sync

This tool’s primary function is to provision multiple areas of Google Workspace, utilising School MIS/SIS data as the source of truth in all facets; automatically creating, updating and deleting users, groups and classrooms.


This tool is a CSV driven solution utilising snapshots of school MIS data available throughout the school day. The tool allows users to generate and download a CSV file from those available for multiple versions of Microsoft SDS (School Data Sync). The files generated can then be uploaded to SDS to provision a Microsoft Active Directory tenant to update both new and existing users’ attributes.


Wonde’s Apple School Manager solution offers the ability to automate the generation and upload of CSVs via SFTP to Apple School Manager to facilitate the provision of Users (both Students and Staff) and Classes and their memberships, be they Students or Instructors.

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